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Introducing Papyrus

A better
publishing platform

Independent writing & publishing has issues. Ads incentivize clickbait, and paid subscriptions typically require a large audience.

Papyrus is a new way to build communities around your written content, supercharge your growth, and get paid directly from your readers.

Create a masterpiece

Powerful editing. Beautiful reading.

Creating, publishing and reading is a joy with Papyrus. Modern web techniques, instantaneous page loading, and no bloat/ads/trackers help bring publishing into the 21st century.

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Rich & intuitive editor

Use Markdown or WYSIWYG to create beautiful posts. Insert code, banners, quotes, tables, and more. Tag your posts with categories to keep things organized.

Foster relationships with your readers

Grow your audience & build a community.

Getting discovered & growing your audience shouldn't be hard - especially if you don't already have a large following. Papryus helps you build and foster a community of loyal readers.

Community engagement

Engage with your readers via threaded discussions - right on your posts.


Get paid, with cash or crypto

Start earning money.

At Papyrus, we're big believers that valuable content should make money. We provide many different tools for monetizing your content, from paid subscriptions to leading-edge cryptocurrency offerings, like NFTs and social tokens.

Paid subscriptions

Connect your Stripe account, and charge a recurring subscription fee for access to your best posts.

Get access to the full Stripe dashboard to track churn, MRR, and other key revenue metrics.


All-in-one writing platform

Papyrus provides solutions for everyone - whether you have 10 subscribers or 10,000.

SEO optimized


Import/export subscribers

Import/export posts

Write in markdown or WYSIWYG

Full access to Stripe dashboard

Flexible payout schedule

Google Analytics support

Get paid directly by your readers.

With 1000 subscribers paying $7/month, you'll earn


per year.*

Notebook and laptop
Women writing
Perso writing
Desk with pens

* after Papyrus takes a 5% fee.

Publishing re-imagined

You've never seen a platform like this before. Everything loads instantly, for you & your visitors, and navigating between pages is lightning-fast.

All of this is done without using cookies or trackers.

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