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  • Papyrus and web3: building better tools for the future of the creator economy

    3 upvotes 4 comments 6 min read

    Exploring why we believe web3 will empower a whole new generation of content creators.

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  • About Papyrus

    less than a min read

    Welcome to the Papyrus blog! We’ll post updates about the platform, deep-dives on the interesting tech we use, or general thoughts about the writing ecosystem as a whole on here. You can also find us on Twitter or on our Discord.

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  • Adding Support for Custom Domains

    7 upvotes 5 comments 2 min read

    Announcing support for custom domains! Learn how to set one up in minutes.

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  • How we reduced Next.js page size by 3.5x and achieved a 98 Lighthouse score

    2 upvotes 7 min read

    At Papyrus, speed is always top-of-mind. We heavily focus on optimizing everything we can, and ensuring all of our static pages are as fast as can be. This blogpost is outlining some of the tips, tricks and best practices we discovered on our recent journey to attain a near-perfect Lighthouse score.

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  • What We're Excited About in Next.js 12

    1 upvote 3 min read

    Papyrus is a blazing-fast, privacy-first, no-frills-attached platform for blogs & newsletters. Sign up and start writing posts just like this one. At Papyrus, we’re a heavy user of Next.js. We take advantage of features like image optimization, link prefetching, and incremental static regeneration to give readers of our blogs an ultra-fast page experience (read more about all our Next optimizations here). So, when Next.js announced Next.js version 12 at Next.js Conf, you can bet we were excited about all the new performance optimizations and features that come with it!

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  • Welcome to Papyrus!

    1 upvote 1 min read

    The first version of Papyrus is officially released! Here's a brief overview of what we are and where we're headed.

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  • Fixing 'Cannot read property charCodeAt of undefined' in Google Cloud Functions

    1 min read

    A quick tip on fixing a pesky, non-descriptive-stack-trace exception in Google Cloud Functions.

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